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Provocative Therapy - The therapist as the devil's advocate

The majority of the people already have thought a lot of times what they could do differently or better, but really do the things differently or better often turns out to be very difficult.
Have a look behind the scenes of the therapy that really helps by challenging the client. The provocative therapy is a good mix between warm contact, humor and challenge. The client goes to the heart of the problems and will get the opportunity to bring out his/her qualities and skills to make a change within a couple of sessions.
This book elaborates the theoretical starting points and some of the most important provocative techniques and illustrates them with elaborated cases. That way the reader not only gets a clear impression of how the provocative style works, but also receives enough guidelines to set the first provocative steps.
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“The therapist really puts a mirror in front of me! Because of his questions I have to look at myself very honestly. Iʼve never experienced this.”

Also available in Spanish and Dutch

The original version was written in Spanish, after which it was translated into Dutch. The book is available in both languages as well. Click on the book in the language you want to order it. 

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